Connie Schindewolf,




• Selected to be on a Dramatists Guild Zoom Panel on "Crafting and Marketing The Short Form Play" with Arianna Rose, Marg O'Neil-Butler, and Mark Harvey Levine

• "Life On Earth" Shortlisted for Short & Sweet Dubai-Dubai, United Arab Emirates


• "Medical Records" Shortlisted for Kibo Productions, London, UK

• "The Grout Fairy" Favorite Play, Gulfport Community Players, Gulfport, FL

• Bloodlines Selected for Clamour Theatre Playwrights' Retreat, Greencove Springs, FL

• "Memory Card" Shortlisted for Short & Sweet Canberra, Canberra, Australia

• "Merry Maids" Semi-finalist for Attic Productions Christmas Playwriting Festival, Fincastle, VA

• "The Grout Fairy"-Shortlisted for Short & Sweet, Sydney, Australia

• "I'm Not You" -Winner in the Naples Player Readers Theatre One Act Competition, Naples, FL

• "The Grout Fairy" Semi-Finalist for Short & Sweet Manila, Manila, Philippines

• "Bloodlines" Finalist for The Players Center For the Arts New Play Festival, Sarasota, Fl

• Selected for the Clamour Theatre Playwrights Retreat, Green Cove Springs, FL

• "Mammoth Bones" in the top 20 for American Voices New Play Festival, St. Petersburg, FL


• "The Grout Fairy" Finalist Heartland 10-Minute Play Festival, Normal, IL

• "Remote Control" 5th Place Nantucket Play Festival, Nantucket, MA

• "The Dancing Lessons" 1st Place-Judges Choice; 2nd Place People's Choice Week 7 Short & Sweet Sydney, Sydney, Australia

• "Facing Fears" Shortlisted for 1:One UAE Theatre Fest, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• "They're Gonna Kill Gertie" Made it to the final round-New Jersey Rep, Longbranch, NJ

• "The Grout Fairy" Semi-finalist Little Fish Pick of the Vine, Los Angeles, CA

• "Memory Card" Shortlisted Short & Sweet Hollywood, Hollywood, CA

• "Merry Maids" Finalist Eden Prairie One Act Festival, Eden Prairie, MN

• "The Grout Fairy" Finalist ACME New Works Winter Festival, Maynard, MA


• "The Dancing Lessons" Semi-finalist MN Shorts, Mankato, MN

• "A Bottle of Vodka" 4th Place, People's Choice Short & Sweet, Sydney, Australia

• "Snacks & Stuff" Finalist Navigators Theatre Lift Off Series, NYC


• Mammoth Bones, won the Sarasota Players Center for Performing Arts New Play Festival and will be given a full production in August of 2017.

• "Sleep Potato Vine" Finalist for The Seven, Fusion Theatre, Albuquerque, NM

• "Housekeeping" Finalist for Barrington Stage Company's 10 by 10 Festival, Pittsfield, MA

• "Merry Maids" Best Play, North Park Playwrights Festival, San Diego, CA

• "Housekeeping" Won the Boston Slam Festival, Boston, MA


• "A Bottle of Vodka" Shortlisted, Short & Sweet, Brisbane, Australia

• "The Dancing Lessons" Semi-finalist--Two Muses Theatre, West Bloomfield, MI.

• "A Bottle of Vodka" Shortlisted, Short & Sweet, Sydney, Australia

• "Let Me Be Frank" Semi-finalist, 2015-2016 Charles M. Getchell New Play Award.

• "The Dancing Lessons" Semi-finalist, Little Fish Theatre, Pick of the Vine, CA

• "Remote Control" 2nd Place in Friends of the Cashiers Library 3rd annual Playfest on July 24th in Cashiers, NC

• "A Bottle of Vodka" Semi-finalist, Minnesota Shorts, Mankato, MN

• "The Dancing Lessons" Semi-finalist, Carrollwood Players, Carrollwood, FL

• "I Couldn't Compete With a Harley" Semi-finalist, LaBute New Theatre Festival, St. Louis, MO

• "A Bottle of Vodka" Finalist, Parish Players, Thetford, Vermont


• "A Bottle of Vodka" Best Original Writing, Gulfport Players, Gulfport, FL

• "A Bottle of Vodka" Best Play, Theatre Odyssey, Sarasota, FL

• "They’re Gonna Kill Gertie" Finalist for Vittum Playwriting Award

• "They’re Gonna Kill Gertie" Semi-finalist, Minnesota Shorts, Mankato, MN

• "A Bottle of Vodka" Finalist, Lakeshore Players, White Bear Lake, MN


• "Leaving Nic" Best Play, Gulfport Community Players, Gulfport, Fl

• "Leaving Nic" Best Original Writing, Gulfport Community Players, Gulfport, Fl

• "They're Gonna Kill Gertie" 2nd Place Best Original Writing, Gulfport Community Players, Gulfport, Fl

• "They're Gonna Kill Gertie" Best Play, North Park Vaudeville & Candy Shop, San Diego, CA

• "Chopping Celery" Finalist, Fusion Theatre, Albuquerque, NM

• "Leaving Nic" Semi-finalist, MN Shorts, Minneapolis, MN

• "Leaving Nic" Finalist, Lakeshore Players, White Bear Lake, MN -

• "They're Gonna Kill Gertie" 2nd place, Theatre Odyssey, Sarasota, FL

• "Leaving Nic" Audience Favorite, Theatre Odyssey, Sarasota, Fl


• "The Silence" Best Drama, Blue Slipper Theatre, Livingston, MT

• "Chopping Celery" Semi-finalist New American Theatre, Holiday Plays, Hollywood, CA

• "5 Seconds" 3rd Place One-Act Festival, Westcoast Players, Clearwater, FL

• Let Me Be Frank One of the 6 winning Playwrights for the Players Theatre New Play Festival, Sarasota, Florida

• "Mute" Semi-finalist for Eden Prairie Collection of One Acts, Eden Prairie, MN

• "The Drive-In" Finalist for Fusion Theatre's The Seven, Albuquerque, NM

• "Chef Salad" Semi-finalist for Minnesota Shorts, Mankato, MN

• "The Silence" Judge's Choice 3rd Place (Wildcards Week 6) Short & Sweet Sydney, Australia


• "The Silence" Judge's Pick for Best Drama, Minnesota Shorts, Mankato, MN

• "I Couldn’t Compete With a Harley" finalist for Lakeshore Players, MN


• "On the Wheel" Finalist in Estrogenius Festival, NYC

• "The Silence" Best Play Theatre Odyssey, Sarasota, Florida

• "The Silence" a winning playwright-6Women Play Festival, CO

• "Mute" finalist for Lakeshore Players, MN

• "Tide Line of July 15th" Short-listed for Short & Sweet Sydney, Australia


• "Remote Control" 2nd Place in Stormy Weather Players New Play Festival (Cornwall, NY)

• "Washout" a winning playwright at the Panoply Festival of the Arts (Huntsville, Alabama)

• "Remote Control" semifinalist for Lakeshore Players, MN


• "Out the Window" semifinalist for Lakeshore Players, MN